Our primary goal at Citrus Palm Investments is to give our investors access to deeply-discounted, off-market investment properties. Regardless of your investment strategy, we are dedicated to bringing you cheap, off-market deals throughout Volusia County.

If you are a serious cash investor who can act quickly on a good deal, then we want to work with you! You are a perfect fit for our growing network of investor partners! We are constantly getting investment properties throughout Volusia County that are priced WAY below market value!

We do all of our marketing for deals in-house.  What does that mean for you?  It means every time you submit your information to our VIP Buyers Network, every time you call for information on a property, you will be getting in touch with the people directly involved in the transaction.  NO “daisy chains” and NO 3rd parties.  You’ll be speaking directly with the people currently controlling the property.  That means you can get all the available information about a property, negotiate price directly with the decision-maker, and lock up your new properties FAST.  After all, it’s all about acting quickly in this business isn’t it?

Sign up using the form below, and get started working with us TODAY.  We look forward to helping you reach your investment goals.

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